Hungry Month Of March

by Rosemary House and
the National Film Board of Canada

My Aunt Marion told stories. Like that one about the long and hungry month of March. Winter was six months where nothing grows, she'd say. By March you're staring hunger in the face.

A few potatoes, a bit of salt fish. That might be it. Then, soon as spring came around, you'd immediately have to start saving again, for winter.

Root Cellars


Seafood Shop
Shore Greens
Farm Life
Mt. Scio Farm
River Watercress


Cod-Pot Fishing
Lambs Aboard
A Word To The Wise


Two Ways With Rabbits
Cabbage Delivery System
The Chanterelles
When winter came, you only ate what you had got so you better figure it out. Otherwise, you're dead.
Aunt Marion’s STORY


Hungry Month of March is the story of the hunters, the fishers, farmers and foragers who supply the new cuisine from the woods and the seashore, the meadows and the barrens. This flowering of haute cuisine in a remote and harsh environment is, at its most elevated, a rediscovery of who we are, and have always been. Our cultural identity springs from the heart of a hungry winter, when feeding ourselves and our families took all our time, ingenuity, and tenacity.


Produced with the participation of the Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation

  • Written by
    Rosemary House
  • Video Directed and Edited by
    Rosemary House
  • Designed by
    Aubyn Freybe-Smith
  • Cinematography
    Nigel Markham
  • Illustrations by
    Bruce Alcock
  • Location Recording
    Mark Neary
    Matt Thomson
    Scott Mayo
  • Developed by
    Patrick Matte
  • Sound Editing and Mixing
    Lori Clarke
  • Background Music
    Joshua Stevenson

    Produced By

  • For the NFB
    Annette Clarke
    Dana Dansereau
    Nicholas Klassen

  • For Rock Island Productions
    Rosemary House


  • Alan Ash
  • Clyde Boland
  • Chef Peter Burt
  • Jeremy Carter
  • Alf Coffin
  • Lori Butler McCarthy
  • Chef Murray McDonald
  • Keith Morry
  • Aubrey and Marie Payne

Special Thanks

  • Avery Ash and friends
  • Krista Boland
  • Chris Bonnell
  • Tony Butt (The Reluctant Chef)
  • Jeremy Charles (Raymonds Restaurant)
  • John Housser
  • Michelle LeBlanc (Chinched Bistro)
  • The Morry Family
  • Tina Ouellette
  • Dorian Rowe
  • Mary Sexton
  • Gordon Slade (The Shorefast Foundation)
  • Glen Tilley
  • Michelle van Beusekom

National Film Board

  • Executive Producers
    Annette Clarke
    Rob McLaughlin
  • Associate Producer
    Kelly Davis
  • Project Manager
    Laura Mitchell
  • Technical Director
    Dana Dansereau
  • Director of Operations, English Program
    Stéphanie L’Écuyer
  • Studio Administrators
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
    Carla Jones
  • Production Supervisor
    Roz Power
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